Peter Tait – Designer

Peter is a user interface and experience designer at pebble {code}.

Currently based in London, Peter's aim is to design and build solutions to complex business problems.

Peter has experience working with a range of clients from global corporations to family firms including: Intel, AstraZeneca, Pearson, HSBC, National Grid, Lloyds Banking Group, IUCN, National Express, EDF, The World Bank, NG Bailey and APM Technologies.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

An agile designer with a focus on an interactive and refined process.

Peter is a user interface and experience designer, with a first-class honours degree in graphic design at the University of Southampton. Originally from the Georgian town of Bath, Peter is now living in London designing for pebble {code}.

Peter's work is based on minimal principles with a well thought out theory behind them.

The focus of Peter's work varies between mediums ranging from user experience and interfaces, web design and development, branding, typography and print.

Peter has a passion for feedback and discussions on design, seeing it as the key to working agile and efficiently – resulting in refined outcomes.


pebble {code}

July 2014–present

UI/UX Designer

Working within a team of developers and designers, Peter is involved from initial ideas, prototyping and designing, through to the actual building and creating of the product itself. Clients include AstraZeneca, Pearson, National Express and Lloyds Banking Group.

Hack days and workshops are a big part of the job, where innovative ideas are generated around a topic for the client and selected ideas are then designed and built within a single day. This results in fully working prototypes that can test the validity of the initial ideas.



Designer and frontend developer

Involved from the concept/wireframe stage through to the management of the final deliverables and their visual and user experience design. Working with clients including Intel, AstraZeneca, MedImmune, EDF Energy, The World Bank and APM Technologies.

Peter has teamed up with consultants including pebble {code} (software/app design and development), Electronic Ink (design research consultancy) and Tobias & Tobias (user experience consultancy) and working alone with clients on a one-to-one basis, from initial talks to final deliverables. Peter is always willing to learn from the feedback of his peers and others. Function is the key element to his work – once the functional experience has been developed, the visual design is applied through an iterative process, resulting in a refined deliverable.

Electronic Ink

March 2011–Sept 2011
April 2012–July 2012

Visual designer

Working with a team of researchers and user experience designers, Peter was involved with the visual design of deliverables, wireframe production and the final delivery of specs for development. Working with clients including National Grid, Nomura, HSBC, IUCN and NG Bailey.

Beyond managing the deliverables, Peter also developed a new way of creating specs for internal and external use. Making a more efficient document style for developers and designers combined.


University of Southampton

BA (Hons) Graphic Design 2011–2014
First-class honours

Beechen Cliff School, Bath

A-Level 2008–2010
A* – Art
A* – Graphic Design
A* – History

Beechen Cliff School, Bath

GCSE 2006–2008
12 A* to C grades